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Sensor Accessories

Sensor Accessories
Manufacturer: Hotron Model: 11625276
A  internal mounting bracket for the Hotron HR100 sensors...
Manufacturer: Hotron Model: 11625274
Hotron HR100 / HR100-2 / HR100-CT Replacement Sensor Cover..
Manufacturer: Hotron Model: 11625282
A weather/Rain cover for the Hotron HR100, HR94, SSR-3 & HR98i sensors...
Manufacturer: Hotron Model: 11625273
A flush mounting transom or ceiling mounting bracket for the Hotron sensors.HR100 series, HR94 series & the SSR3 along with the HR98i..
Manufacturer: Optex Model: 11925266
Replacement R/H end cap for the Optex OA Edge T on-door safety sensors..
Manufacturer: Optex Model: 11925271
Replacement Lens cover for the Optex OA Edge T on-door safety sensor..
Manufacturer: Optex Model: 11925268
Optex OA-Edge T Aluminum profile @ 900mm..
Optex OA-Edge T End Cap L/H
2 - 3 Days
Manufacturer: Optex Model: 11925259
Replacement L/H end cap for the Optex OA edge T on-door safety sensor...
Manufacturer: Optex Model: 11925269
Optex OA-Edge T Rain Cover @ 900mm..
Manufacturer: Pepperl & Fuchs Model: 12225237
These are replacement clips to hold in the cards on the P&F range of on-door safety sensors...
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